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Our Stump Grinding Service

Cutting the UK offers comprehensive tree removal services. These include providing Stump Grinding for our customers in Crowborough, Tunbridge Wells and surrounding East Sussex and west Kent towns and villages.

Tree stump removal requires specialist equipment with a rotating blade. This blade then cuts the stump and roots into small chips of wood. We train our specialist tree surgeons to use a range of Stump Grinding equipment safely and professionally so they can remove tree stumps of all types and sizes.

Why Do You Need A Stump Grinding Service?

As well as being unsightly, if located on your lawn, tree stumps can be trip hazards. Furthermore, these may attract mould and fungi that could potentially spread throughout your garden and devastate your lawn and plants. Cutting the UK’s Stump Grinding service ensures the entire stump is removed, roots and all. This is done to eliminate any risk of injury or harm to your garden or land. The machinery we use is dependent on the diameter of the stump. To arrange a free visit to assess the size of the bush or tree stump you would like removed and the scale of the job, contact us today

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Tree stump removal

Tree stump removal is a core aspect of our Tree Surgery service. We use professional equipment that is regularly serviced and maintained. This way, we ensure we are providing our customers across East Sussex and West Kent with the high-level tree care we have built our reputation on.

We pride ourselves on leaving your land looking clean and tidy after removing your tree stump. Our teams collect, bag up and remove any wood chips they create during their work.

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  • Any size tree stump/root removed
  • Tree stumps/roots removed well below ground level
  • Polite & Professional tree stump removal service
  • Your garden/land is left neat and tidy after the tree stump/root removal
  • Fully Insured

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