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We are Professional Tree Surgeons based in Crowborough and covering the following areas:

Crowborough, Tunbridge Wells, Wadhurst, Heathfield, Uckfield, Dormansland, Lingfield, Rotherfield, Hartfield, Pembury, Forest Row, Tonbridge, East Grinstead and surrounding towns. Tree surgeon management and tree pruning and cutting involve several different aspects depending on the requirements of the property owner. Cutting the UK is very honored and proud to be one of the leading Tree Surgeons in the areas we cover. Our trained specialists will always consider the circumstances and the species of the trees before they provide any advice in order to maintain the health of the trees.

Tree Surgeon and Surgery Services across Crowborough, Tunbridge Wells and East Sussex

Tree surgeon experts, all tree surgery, cutting, Pruning, Pollarding, Felling, and stump grinding and removal. At Cutting the UK, we offer a comprehensive, top-quality Tree Surgeon Service to residents of Tunbridge Wells, Crowborough, East Sussex and West Kent. Cutting the UK is proud to be known as one of Sussex and Kent’s leading Tree Surgeons. Check out our Facebook Reviews too. Our prices are competitive and our team is highly skilled and experienced.

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We can offer the following Tree Surgery Services for domestic and commercial clients:

Crown Thinning

Crown thinning is a technique that involves selective removal of secondary branches in order to increase the light penetration throughout the crown of the tree without changing the overall shape and size of it.


Tree pollarding is the initial cutting of the top of a tree in order to maintain a predetermined height, which is lower than what it will normally grow. This process needs to be repeated on a regular basis and it always has to retain the initial pollard height.

Stump Grinding & Removal

Stump grinding involves getting rid of the visible portion of the tree by using specialized equipment to cut it down to the ground. Afterward, it can be covered with grass and/or dirt and leave the roots in the ground to decay over time.

Stump removal, on the other hand, is a process that includes grinding as well as root removal. It includes diffing the entire bulk of the stump out and removing it with a crane.

Crown Lifting

Tree crown lifting is a process that involves removing the lower branches of the trees. The purpose of this technique is to lift the base of the tree crown and clear out the space between the ground and the lower branches to allow access below for traffic, telephone lines, fences etc.

Tree Felling

Tree felling is a process that refers to cutting down the tree. Unfortunately, sometimes there is no other option than to remove the entire tree for safety reasons. Tree felling is done by cutting down the tree as close to the ground as possible, to leave a low stump.

Dead Wooding

Deadwood removal is a process that is initially done for safety reasons to prevent issues with falling branches. It is a very risky process that needs to be done by professionals and it includes climbing around the entire tree and cutting the dead branches that will fall and degrade eventually.

Reduction & Shaping

Tree crown reduction pruning is the process of cutting the branch tips in order to maintain the tree’s dimensions, remove dead and damaged branches and reduce the overall size and shape to fit in its available space.

Emergency Tree Work

Cutting the UK is very proud to have highly trained professionals within the team and we are willing to help and answer your concerns on tree management and tree pruning as well as provide solutions to quickly solve your tree problems.

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